Quarells content to wait and see

Wide receiver Matt Quarells doesn't have a mountain of scholarship offers to sift through. It's not as though his options are limited, either. Eleven schools have invited the Florissant (Mo.) Hazelwood Central standout to join their football teams next fall, and Quarells is in no rush to find the right fit.
He's content to sit back, let his senior season get under way and start the process of choosing a school later. Rightly or wrongly, he's not worried about classes filling. This is gonna take a while.
"I don't have a favorite yet," Quarells said on Thursday. "I'm trying to play everyone even to see what all I get. Then I'm going to really try to think trough it."
That said, he is kicking around some early ideas for official visits. Nothing is certain. Nothing is even near certain. So when Quarells starts discussing his possible destinations, you get the feeling he's simply thinking out loud.
"I'm want to go to Illinois again because they show me a lot of love," he said. "I know I'm probably going to go to Missouri, too. I don't know. I'm not trying to make too many plans yet."
Quarells' thoughts, at least at this point, should be taken lightly. According to him, he won't even consider setting dates for official visits until after his high school team's second game on Sept. 6. When he does start the process, though, a return trip to Illinois will be high on his list.
"At Illinois, it feels like I'm at home almost," Quarells said. "I'm not too far from home there but it feels like home. I like the orange and blue colors and they campus is nice to me. I like how that locker room and all the stuff."
The main reasons for Quarells' hesitance to set anything in stone are the other programs that have gotten involved in recent weeks. He isn't sure how things might shake out with the newcomers to his recruitment, and he intends to wait before making any real movement.
"I talked to Oklahoma State and I really liked them," Quarells said. "Growing up, I always really liked him. They have talked to me. They haven't come with an offer yet, but I would love to get one from them. I definitely wouldn't mind taking a visit there."