Qualls raves about Pac-12 visit

Elijah Qualls recently took an unofficial visit to Washington and he was blown away.
Language like that is often used in recruiting but the Petaluma (Calif.) Casa Grande athlete enjoyed the trip so much that the Huskies have to be considered one of the frontrunners even if he has another round of visits coming up.
"It was definitely something else," Qualls said. "I've never been to Washington before. The school and the city were both amazing.

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"The coaching staff really stood out mainly but everything else was great, too. Coach (Steve) Sarkisian is an awesome dude, he's really cool. They have a really young staff so they can relate to the players a lot."
Qualls saw something he didn't expect, too. Players would just come around the office to hang out with the coaches. That was something that really stuck out to Qualls, that the Washington coaches and players had such a good relationship that they wanted to spend time together off the field.
"When I was there I hung around the offices a lot and a lot of players were just coming through to hang out with the coaches," Qualls said.
"I thought that was super cool which means they get along with the coaches and they're cool people. Sometimes when you hear about coaches you don't think it's going to be someone you want to hang out with all the time, it's usually business, but I thought that was awesome."
Even though Washington made a big impression on the 6-foot-2, 260-pound prospect, he's still going to take other visits. Qualls will visit Cal on Friday and then Oregon State and Oregon early next week. A trip to Arizona and Arizona State should happen within the next few weeks.
If Qualls finds the right place a commitment is not out of the question but other visits might happen before he makes his choice.
"I definitely want to take the rest of my visits," Qualls said. "(Washington) was a great school and I really liked it but anything can happen. Another school might just be as amazing or they might have something else that I like even more.
"There is always that possibility. Even if I felt like I wanted to go to Washington, still going on the rest of the visits is smart to make sure it's the right decision. I want to see what these other schools have to offer.
"If I feel like I find the school and that's where I really want to go then I'll commit. I'd like to visit as many schools as possible so I kind of want to wait until I see the rest of them. We'll have to see what happens."