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QB Young makes his choice

Washington (D.C.) H.D. Woodson quarterback Ricardo Young has made his choice. Where is the 6-foot-1, 170-pounder headed and what made him decide to go there?
"I committed to Virginia Tech," he said. "I talked to Coach Beamer on Sunday. He was ecstatic. He was playing golf and real happy just saying that now he was going to hit a hole in one. I think I kind of shocked him at the same time. I don't think anyone told him I was coming there.
"That's the thing about Virginia Tech. They didn't pressure me; they let me make my own decision. Then he said that they are committed to me as long as I am committed to them. No matter what my scholarship is on the board and that the are going to take care of me when I get down there."
Young reflected on what made him pick the Hokies.
"It's a great school, it's a real good fit for me and they have good tradition," he said. "I feel good about my decision.
"I went to all the schools and weighed all my options. I talked to Coach Beamer and he told me what the school was about. I even sat down and studied film with Coach Stinespring and Coach O'Cain. It was good talking to them. Then I went back for the spring game and I liked the crowd and fans. I got a good feeling that that was where I wanted to be.
"We also have a lot of alumni from Tech. I talked to a lot of them including William Wall, Josh Morgan and Roland Minor. They kind of filled me in on those things and none of it was negative. It was good to hear that from people who already experienced it and come from a similar background."
According to Young, it was a tough choice.
"I loved all my other options and I don't have anything real negative to say about the other schools," he said. "I liked all of my visits and recruiting coaches, Coach Beatty from West Virginia, Coach Franklin from Maryland and Coach Moorhead from Connecticut. I had a good bond with all those guys. I just tried to make the best decision possible for me."
Young picked the Hokies over numerous other offers including USF, Maryland, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Syracuse, Louisville and others.