QB Williams starts today with 16 offers

Chicago (Ill.) Vocational junior dual threat quarterback prospect Isiah Williams (6-foot-1, 210 pounds) is starting this week with 16 scholarship offers under his belt. Williams added his latest offer late last Friday from the Iowa State Cyclones.
"I received an offer on Friday from Iowa State University," Williams said. "I'm now at 16 total scholarship offers, and it really is an amazing feeling right now. I really thought at this time last year that I wouldn't even be a D-1 quarterback."
Williams talked about his latest offer from the Cyclones.
"Iowa State is in the Big 12 conference, which is an excellent football conference, I've seen them play on TV a few times and I really like the type of offense they run. I'm not too sure about the type of academics they offer, but I'm going to do some research on them because I want to be able to compare all of the schools that have offered me on an equal basis. I may have some serious interest in Iowa State depending upon how well they meet my criteria."
So with 16 scholarship offers and more interest and offers coming nearly on a daily basis, how will Williams attempt to do his research on every school?
"I thank God that we have the Internet because that definitely makes it easier to look at what each school has academically and what programs and majors they offer. The Internet allows me the chance to go out and see what each school has to offer from an academic and a football basis. My family has definitely started to get involved, and they are helping me keep track of everything, plus they are also starting to look at some of the information I'm receiving from schools now. They have also been speaking with some of the alumni and people they know from certain schools to get a better idea of each school. It won't be an easy decision at all, but I also want to make sure that we've done out best to research each school."
Williams also is the type of kid who is genuinely surprised and humbled by all of this latest attention.
"At the beginning of my junior season I just didn't think that I would be a D-1 type of prospect. You know that every area of the country has a lot of talent each year, and you really never really know how well you stack up. It's really a very low number of kids who receive a D-1 scholarship to play football, so I've always have tried to keep my hopes and expectations in check."
"After awhile I started to get some attention after the season, and when I landed my first offer it was a relief for myself and my family because it looked like I could get my college education paid for, and things have just gotten crazy after that first offer and things have just gone off the charts."
So why hit the camps and the combines this spring after landing a handful of early offers?
"I really figured that I just had nothing to lose. I'm a competitor and I wanted to go out and prove to myself where I stood compared to some of the other prospects. I'm still not really considered to by way at the top of the charts just yet, so why not go out and see how I matched up? I figured why not go out and give it my best shot. It's definitely worked out for me no question."
Isiah Williams now has offers from Iowa State, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, Ohio State, Boston College, Akron, Ball State, Northern Illinois, Illinois, Purdue, Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Iowa, Kansas and Indiana.