QB Williams is up to 98 percent

Chicago (Ill.) Vocational junior dual-threat quarterback prospect Isiah Williams (6-foot-1, 210 pounds) knows first-hand just how hot it's been in the Chicagoland area over the last few days.
"It's been really hot in school so far this week," Williams said. "Our school is really big and it's also an old school, so when the tempature gets in the 90's it's like an oven in school. We have finals this week so we only have a few more days to deal with the hot school."
Williams, who earlier verballed to the University of Illinois, talked about the reaction since he made his college choice known.
"I think I really surprised several coaches, and those coaches have been trying to get ahold of me ever since I made my verbal commitment. Right now I'm just focusing on wrapping up my junior year of high school on a strong note. I'm also taking the ACT this Saturday, so I'll be plenty busy over the next few days. My focus after finals and the ACT will be on August 26th, that's when we open the season against Chicago Ag."
Williams has also talked about earlier reports that didn't have him as a 100 percent solid verbal commit to the Illini.
"I'm really happy right now with my college choice, and I would say that I'm 98 percent sure of my decision. I don't think anyone is totally 100 percent solid in their early decisions, but I really don't have any reasons whatsoever to change my verbal to Illinois. I've been calling a few kids and telling them that I'm headed to Illinois and that they should be joining Chris and myself at Illinois. I can't see changing my mind unless something drastic happens between now and signing day next year. You never say never, but I'm pretty happy with the Illini right now."
Williams is planning to camp at the University of Illinois next week.
"I'm going to head down to Illinois next week for it's camp. Illinois is the only camp I'm planning to attend so far this summer."