QB Loukas narrows the field

Deerfield (Ill.) state ranked quarterback prospect Alex Loukas (6-foot-4, 193 pounds) has been spending his summer working hard to get ready for his senior season.
"I've been focused totally on football over the last few weeks," Loukas said. "Between passing 7 on 7 tournaments and our team camp, it's all been about getting ready for the season."
Loukas has also been looking hard at his college options this summer, and Loukas has been looking the hardest at three schools.

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"I've been looking hard at Purdue, Northwestern and Stanford as the three schools that I'm really interested in at this point. Academically they all offer a great education, and it's a good feeling to know that if I decide between those three schools I'll have a great education to fall back on from either of those schools. Academically I'm really comfortable with what I know about each school, now I'm looking more at the football side of things."
Loukas is hoping to make his final college choice known before the start of his senior season.
"I'm hoping to make my final college decision before the start of my senior season. I feel really comfortable with the schools that I'm considering, and I also don't want recruiting to interfere with my senior season. The camps and unofficial visits really helped me in trying to get a feel for each school and each program. Right now for me it's a matter of looking at rosters and depth charts to see which program I'll have the best chance of succeeding on the field."
Loukas has been staying in touch with his three favorites this summer.
"I've been getting a lot of email and text messages from the coaches, plus I also have been trying to pick up the phone and call them at least every week or two. The coaches said that they wanted me to stay in touch with them this summer and I've been trying to keep them informed about what's going on with me this summer."
Loukas for now is just getting ready and excited for the start of the season in less than two months for now.
"The summer has definitely been moving along pretty quickly, but I'm also ready to just get the season going now. We've been looking pretty good in our team camp. We have several younger guys who look to be stepping up for us in camp. I can't wait to get the season going."