QB Loukas hits the hot zone this summer

Deerfield (Ill.) senior quarterback prospect Alex Loukas (6-foot-4, 193 pounds) has officially hit the summer recruiting hot zone this week after landing scholarship offers from Northwestern, Purdue and Stanford. Loukas has made recent one-day camp visits to each school and Loukas has also walked away with offers from all three schools.
"It's been a busy last few weeks but it's also been a very productive couple of weeks as well," Loukas said. "Northwestern, Purdue and Stanford have all recently offered me a scholarship, and it's really exciting to have offers from three great schools and football programs."
Loukas, who has camped this summer at Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, Northwestern and Stanford, talked about his one-day camp back on June 20th at Purdue.

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"I really liked the camp set-up at Purdue. They had about 15 kids at the one-day camp and I was the only quarterback at the camp on that day. It was definitely much more personal than any other camp I've been to this summer. I had a chance to work closely with the Purdue quarterback coach Blaine Bennett, plus I also had a chance to get to know the rest of the coaches at Purdue much better. I was at Purdue for a junior day event, so I was pretty familiar with the campus and the facilities. The camp definitely gave me a much better feel for the Boilermakers. I'm going to do some research on Purdue's business program shortly."
Loukas also camped at Northwestern and came away with another scholarship offer.
"I camped at Northwestern on June 22nd for a one-day camp at Northwestern. I thought that I performed pretty well overall, and I also tested really well at the Northwestern camp. I ran well, especially in my pro agility test and I think that sort of surprised the coaches at Northwestern. I had a chance after the camp to get tour of the campus at Northwestern, and it's just a beautiful campus setting. My Dad is an alumnus of Northwestern and he's also really excited that the Wildcats have offered me a scholarship. I was asked to call the Northwestern coaches a few days after the camp, and the coaches offered me a scholarship over the phone."
Loukas returned on Monday morning from a weekend camp visit to Stanford.
"I spent Friday night and all day Saturday at Stanford. I camped at Stanford on Saturday and was a part of a one-day camp. I had a chance to work out at the camp, then my family and I took a full tour of the campus and the area surrounding Stanford. We definitely came away impressed with Stanford, everything was very impressive from the church on campus to everything on Palm Drive. The campus is just great and so was the weather at Stanford. I really got along very well with the coaches at Stanford, and the coaches were just great to me and my family. Stanford is also in the process of renovating it's stadium and it's facilities, but honestly I already was impressed with what they have already. I called the Stanford coaches on Sunday and they informed me that they were offering me a scholarship."
Loukas for the most part has wrapped up his summer college camp tour.
"I'm pretty sure that I'm done going to the college camps this summer. I really need to start working hard with my team this summer from here on out. I'm pretty happy about how the college camps went for me this summer. I have offers now from some great schools, plus I also was able to improve my overall game this summer."
Does Loukas have any early favorites?
"I would say that Miami of Ohio, Stanford, Northwestern and Purdue are my early leaders in no particular order. I'm still pretty open for now and I'm also going to do some serious research on several schools this summer."