QB Jones focused on task at hand

If Chicago (Ill.) Morgan Park junior dual-threat quarterback prospect Demetrius Jones (6-foot-3, 185 pounds) had a dime for every falsely reported verbal commitment, rumor and more, Jones could forgo college and a potential professional career after his college playing days end. If Jones could collect those dimes for every recruiting rumor he's heard, he would be sitting on a small fortune.
"Yeah, the rumors and stuff has been pretty crazy lately," Jones said. "I've been laying pretty low over the last week or so because I just want some time to get ready for finals and a chance to clear my head on the recruiting stuff."
Jones is still calling Notre Dame and Illinois his final two schools of choice despite the Illini getting a weekend verbal commitment from his friend CVS QB Isiah Williams.
"I'm really happy for Juice (Isiah Williams) making a verbal commitment to Illinois. We talk all the time and I knew about it last week I think. As far as my decision making, I've been saying for a long time that no matter which school I decide to go to you will have competition. The same goes for Notre Dame with Zach Frazier and now at Illinois with Juice. Juice and I know each other very well, and that is the only real difference between those two situations."
"Juice and I talked a lot about not going to the same school, but the more you look at it the more it becomes a business decision and less of a personal decision for me. I'm going to have to compete against great quarterbacks at every school, I know that already. I'm still looking hard at both Notre Dame and Illinois. I've told the coaches at both schools that I wanted to shut things down for a few weeks. I have final exams coming up soon, plus I also need to start to get ready for my senior season this summer. I need to keep working hard in and out of the class room to get ready. I want to keep things quiet for a few weeks. No matter which school I wind up at, the situation will make me work harder to raise my overall competition level."
Jones has continued to mull over his final college choice.
"I've done plenty of research, and I've also gotten my family involved and I wanted their opinions on each school and each situation. They are important to me and I want their opinions. I want to take some time now and things things over before I announce my final college choice."
So when could that final college choice come for Jones?
"It could be this week, next week or later this summer. I want to be sure of my choice, and I also don't want the recruiting stuff to interfere with my senior season at all. I want to be able to devote my efforts towards winning a state football title in the fall."