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QB Jones adds a Big 12 offer

Chicago (Ill.) Morgan Park junior dual-threat quarterback prospect Demetrius Jones (6-foot-3, 185 pounds) returned back on Sunday evening after a weekend spent in St. Louis with family and friends.
"I was in St. Louis all weekend long," Jones said. "I have some family and friends down there, so I decided to check out the Final Four games on Saturday. I really enjoyed the Illini game on Saturday, it was just crunk. We stayed for a half of the UNC/Michigan State game then watched the 2nd half from a restaurant. I just had a blast at the games, and the weather in St. Louis was much better than Chicago."
Jones also landed an offer from the University of Kansas late last week.
"Kansas is my latest scholarship offer. I know that Kansas plays in the Big 12 conference and that they have been on the rise recently as a program. I've heard that they have pretty good facilities and they like to run an even mix of run and pass as an offense. Kansas also isn't too far away and academically it's a good school. I'm happy that I have an offer from Kansas."
Jones continues to draw more and more serious recruiting mail and interest by the day.
"Recently USC, Louisville and Miami (Fla.) have really started to send me some serious hand-written mail. I get a feeling that Louisville is getting pretty close to making me an offer from the hand-written letters I've been getting from them. Both USC and Miami are schools that are national powers and I would definitely give both of them some serious looks and consideration."
Jones is also trying to sort out his upcoming spring travel plans.
"Both Notre Dame and Illinois have it's spring game on the same day, so I'm going to need to make a decision. I'm planning for now to head down to Illinois this coming weekend for a spring practice, then to Notre Dame for it's spring game on the (April) 23rd. I'm trying to balance things out as far as making unofficial visits to both schools. I've called and have spoken to both Ron Zook and Charlie Weis a few times, and they both seem excited about how things have been going in spring ball."