QB intrigued by Oregon State

Nick Mitchell was recently offered by Oregon State and he has a brother who plays for the Beavers so that Pac-12 team is definitely looking good early in his recruitment.
But the Snoqualmie (Wash.) Mount Si quarterback doesn't want to commit just yet since he wants to see what else happens in his recruitment.
Still, Oregon State looks to be in great shape with Mitchell, who said he's very familiar with the program and loves the environment in Corvallis.
"I've been talking to them for about a year," Mitchell said. "Last spring I went to their QB camp and that was the first time I was really introduced to the staff and really got to know them.
"Ever since then I was in contact with them throughout the football season. I was talking to them through then and this whole off-season I've been communicating with them as well.
"It's a great staff. I love the coaches there. I love the community. It just seems like an overall great school. I've been down to Corvallis for several football games and I've really enjoyed being down there with the coaches and seeing the team."
Mitchell, who said he's also hearing from Washington, Washington State, Arizona State and Colorado State, said he's not ready to decide just yet. Since it's still so early, Mitchell wants to see what else happens in his recruitment moving forward.
"I'm just keeping my options open," Mitchell said. "I don't want to jump the gun and commit early.
"Both of my brothers are getting back for spring break so it's going to be good to talk to them about the process they went through and get their feedback on it. I'll figure out what exactly I'm going to do. Right now it looks like I'll sit back and let things play out for a little while before I make a decision."
Having his brother, Josh, at Oregon State definitely helps. It might not make Mitchell commit sooner but the Mount Si quarterback admits it is intriguing to have someone familiar in Corvallis.
"I felt like it's helped in the recruiting process because he's gone through the experience and he's helped introduce me to the coaches," Mitchell said.
"It's helped. It's not like the biggest weighing factor in my decision but it's definitely intriguing getting to play college football with my brother. That's definitely something you don't see every day."