QB Funk draws an SEC offer

Arlington Heights (Ill.) junior quarterback prospect Jared Funk (6-foot-2, 180 pounds) hit the summer camp trail hard this past weekend. Funk attended one-day camps at Iowa, Vanderbilt and Indiana, and Funk discovered on Monday night that he's received his first offer from Vanderbilt.
"I called the coaches at Vanderbilt on Monday after I was at their one-day camp last Sunday," Funk said. "It was strange at first because I didn't get a good feeling from the coaches at the camp about how I performed. I talked to the coaches on Monday and they said that they wanted to extend a scholarship offer. I guess that answered how I performed."
Funk talked about his camp experience as well as landing his first offer from the Commodores.
"The Vanderbilt camp was just packed with kids. I would say they had about 350 players at the senior one-day camp and about 30 quarterbacks. The camp overall was excellent and I got plenty of reps despite having so many quarterbacks in the camp. I was pretty happy with how I performed. The camp was pretty long, so we didn't get the official campus tour but we had a chance to drive around and look at the campus. Vanderbilt really has a great campus, plus your still only about 10 minutes from downtown Nashville. It's a great mix of college campus plus having an area where you won't get bored at all. Vanderbilt also offers a great education. Getting my first offer from an SEC conference school is awesome. The coaches at Vanderbilt said that they liked my overall game and arm strength, and the offense they run is very similar to what we run at St. Viator. It was definitely worth the trip to the Vanderbilt camp."
Funk also enjoyed his Iowa camp experience last Saturday.
"The Iowa camp was good. I thought that I did pretty well. They only had 4 quarterbacks at the camp, so I had a chance to get plenty of reps. I still need to call the Iowa coaches this week and see how they feel I performed. I really like what Iowa has to offer. They have a great mix of campus and facilities that are hard to match anywhere. The Iowa fans are also rabid fans and they really are into the program. Iowa has really been on the rise and I would love to get a chance to play for the Hawkeyes."
Funk wrapped up his last camp on Monday at Indiana.
"The Indiana camp was a one-day camp, and it was a different experience. They had only 15 or so kids at the one-day, but they also have a bunch of one-days in a row so that they can keep it into small groups, which I liked. The coaches seemed to like me at Indiana. I had a chance to talk with all of the coaches, and they all said that they liked my arm strength. I love the campus at Indiana, it's just a beautiful looking campus. The facilities at Indiana are also great and they are also in the process of doing some renovations. I got the feeling that Indiana could be close to making me an offer soon."
Funk is planning to hit a few more camps this week.
"I'm going to Northwestern for a camp on Friday, then I'm also going to a one-day camp at Northern Illinois on Sunday."