QB Demetrius Jones goes deep

Chicago (Ill.) Morgan Park junior dual-threat quarterback prospect Demetrius Jones (6-foot-3, 185 pounds) has drawn recruiting interest from nearly every major program across the country this spring, and the overall interest in Jones doesn't look to subside anytime soon. Jones talks about his recruiting, favorites, rumors, weekend visits and much more in this latest recruiting update.
"I made unofficial visits to NIU and Purdue this past weekend," Jones said. "I decided to hop in the car along with Chris James and Isiah Williams and check out both schools."
Jones wants to clear up some misconceptions and rumor regarding his relationship with rival quarterback prospect Isiah Williams from Chicago Vocational.
"It's really sort of funny when we all head out to a school when Isiah's hanging with us. People seem to think for whatever reason that Isiah and I must be enemies because we go to different schools or that because we are both quarterbacks who are getting recruited we don't like each other. We actually are really good friends, and I've known Isiah since grade school when we played AAU basketball against each other. We go and work out together now and we actually help out with each other's game and fundamentals. We're good friends no doubt, so I hope people will stop thinking we don't get along."
Jones checked out a scrimmage on Saturday at Northern Illinois University.
"NIU has a few good quarterbacks that's for sure. NIU went at it pretty hard, which I liked. I really like talking with Joe Novak. He's just a cool and straight-forward guy, and during practice no question that coach Novak is the one calling the shots. He's a very detailed oriented man, and he also has a great guy on making sure his players and coaches are doing things the way he wants them done. That really impressed me, plus he talks about things other than just football."
Jones also came away impressed with the Purdue Boilermakers after it's Sunday scrimmage.
"Purdue's facilities are top notch. I really liked it's indoor facility. I also liked that you can sense that the coaches and the players are really together and they are on the same page. Purdue has some great coaches, and I also was impressed at how the coaches wanted the players to focus on finishing strong this season. That was an overriding theme at the scrimmage on Sunday. I liked the campus, it seems nice and pretty comfortable. The Purdue offensive line and the defense looked great to me on Sunday."
"I talked with the Purdue coaches after the scrimmage, and they wanted to know if they would have a chance with me and if I was interested in Purdue. They haven't offered me, but I got the feeling that they are very interested."
Jones also talked about his current thoughts on his favorites.
"Right away I was really interested in Illinois and Notre Dame, because they offered me early and it was really exciting. I still consider those two schools as favorites, but the longer this process goes on the more interest I'm getting from schools across the country. I'm really to the point of where I want to open things up more from a recruiting standpoint. It seems like the more mail and interest I'm getting, the more I want to open things up and it also makes me want to look at more schools. It's still really early in this process and I want to make sure that once I make my final college choice, I'm looking at all of my options hard before I decide."
"As far as making my final school choice, I want to stick to my main factors such as how comfortable I am with the team and the coaches. I also want to choose a school that I feel comfortable with socially, and the more schools I've visited the more important that is becoming to me. I'm also looking hard at the academic side as well as the football tradition and more. I'm in no hurry right now to make any decision."
Jones will also hit the road this coming weekend.
"I'm heading to Toledo with Chris James and Isiah Williams on Saturday to check out it's spring game. On the (April) 23rd I've got quite a decision to make between the Notre Dame or the Illinois spring game. It's gonna be a hard choice and I'm still not sure which game I'll check out at this point."