QB Brackett ready for April visits

Quarterback Brett Brackett out of Lawrence, N.J. plans to visit Boston College and Penn State during the month of April. Does he have any early thoughts on the schools before the visits?
"I've heard some real good thing about Boston College," he said. "I haven't totally looked into it, but before I go I'll definitely be looking at it more. The coaches have called me and they seem pretty nice and the quarterback coach Dana Bible is a good guy.
"I've been up to Penn State for the AAU tournament and my father and I toured the stadium and it's awesome," he said. "I talked to coach Joe Paterno before and he's a really nice guy. My impressions of him were that he was a really hard guy, but when he talked to me, he seemed very easy to talk to and not nearly as intimidating as you would think."
The 6-foot-5, 220-pound quarterback plans to take in practices at Rutgers and Virginia as well.
"I talked to coach Susan at Rutgers recently and we basically were just shooting the bull as he says, talking about how things were going with him and me and he was seeing when I was going to come up for a spring practice," he said. "They're always nice and great people and very straightforward with you and I like that.
"I've had the same kind of relationship with Virginia too," he said. "Coach Mike Groh is one of the easier people to talk to and you can ask him anything about the school, he's a really great guy."
Two schools that have shown more interest in Brackett in recent weeks have been Duke and Florida.
"Duke has been contacting me lately," he said. "They interest me because you can't beat their school for academics and they are building a program like a lot of other schools are, so they are interesting.
"Florida has also been on my more recently," he said. "I haven't had too much contact with them, but they seem nice and I love the school. I've been a fan of them watching college football and it's interesting getting letters and calls from them. I haven't heard anything bad about coach Urban Meyer, the offense he runs is suitable to what I like and seems like something I'd fit into to. I liked watching Utah and am interested to see what he does with the talent at Florida."
Currently Brackett is working out with former NFL great Phil Simms in preparation for the upcoming Elite College Combine at Giants Stadium.
"It's amazing working with him, because he's packed with information and he is really helping me fine tune what I do, I couldn't have imagined this before," Brackett said. "I'm getting naturally better though and he's taught me to use my hips a lot more and this has resulted in me being more accurate of a passer and I have a more fluid motion now. I used to throw the ball with all arm and it got me there, but it put a lot of strain on my arm and made it soar. Phil has really helped me get better."
This summer the quarterback prospect still has no camps scheduled yet, but he is considering about seven or eight in a two week span.
"We're going to see what happens at the combines and then maybe we'll cut down the list a little bit."
Brackett has one offer from Rutgers and has received interest from Boston College, Ohio State, Miami, Notre Dame, Penn State, South Carolina, Syracuse, Virginia, Connecticut and Michigan among others.
The quarterback prospect should have no problem qualifying as he has a 3.5 GPA and already did well enough on his SAT.
"I took the SAT the first time off the top of my head and I did well enough for college coaches," he said. "But I'm going to take it again to try to do better."
Last season Brackett ran for 250 yards and passed for 856 yards and had a total of 16 touchdowns.