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QB back from UCLA visit

Blake Barnett received the whole recruiting experience at UCLA this past weekend and the 2015 quarterback is definitely high on the Bruins.
The Corona (Calif.) Santiago standout talked with offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone and quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone plenty during his visit and is hopeful things pick up moving forward.
"Noel Mazzone said he's going to my game next week at Mission Viejo and he said he watched my game on Friday and was very impressed," Barnett said. "He thought I made some good decisions, some good reads and some good passes. He talked about the season and talked about UCLA and how I would fit in their offense.
"It was really exciting. I like it especially because our high school runs a very similar offense, we run the spread as well, so it allows me to pass a lot and use my feet when I need to."
Talking with the Mazzones was a highlight of Barnett's trip. Something else big was that Barnett basically got a behind-the-scenes look at the UCLA program, spending time in the locker room and being on the field during pre-game warm-ups.
"We got to the game and I got to go and eat by the locker room," Barnett said. "The coaches came in and we got to talk to some of the coaches and after that we got to go on the field and watch some warm-ups. Then Ron Robinson and I and a couple other recruits went in the locker room right before they walked out and we got to listen to coach (Jim) Mora give his speech.
"After that we followed them out behind the tunnel. We got to sit in the stands and watch the game and then after the game I got to go back in the locker room."
UCLA is showing a good deal of interest in the Corona Santiago standout and so are many others. California's 2015 class is loaded and Barnett seems to be someone without any offers yet who could see things pick up in a dramatic way.
"I'm hoping to make at least one visit to an SEC school this year to watch a game," Barnett said. "Right now I'm getting looked at by Duke, UCLA is probably the most right now, and I'm getting letters from USC, Colorado, Boise State and I heard from Alabama as well."