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Q and A with Justin Ostrowski

Today we are featuring Wisconsin defensive line commitment Justin Ostrowksi in our question and answer format.
Why did you choose Wisconsin?
"Beacuse of the fans and coaches. Defensive line coach Palermo. He's a great coach. Wisconsin is 30 miles from home. The atmosphere at Camp Randall Stadium."
Best moment on the football field?
"This year against Forest High School. We lost by a point 14-13. But it was an emotional, very exciting game."
Who is your favorite athlete?
"Michael Jordan. What he did and what he accomplished. He's a great role model. He always worked hard to get what wanted."
What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
"I could be a gym teacher. Or an elementary school teacher. And a coach."
My playing style is?
"110 %. Never take any plays off. I'm focused. I want to dominate the guy across from me."
What are your favorite things to do away from football?
"Hang out with my friends, but not talking football."
Other than football what is your favorite sport?
"Basketball. Right now our team is first in the state in Division 2."