Q and A with David Patterson

Today we are featuring Ohio State defensive line commitment David Patterson in our question and answer format.
Why did you choose Ohio State?
"I always wanted to go to Ohio State. I couldn't find enough good reasons not to."
Best moment on the football field?
"Maybe beating Garfield Heights. We were both undefeated at the time."
Who is your favorite athlete?
"I'd have to say Michael Jordan. He shows up to play every time. I want to be that kind of player. Everytime on the field, make a difference."
What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
"Playing professional football. The Browns are my favorite team, but I just want to be on a winner, a Superbowl contender."
My playing style is?
"High motor, high intensity. Power and strength."
What are your favorite things to do away from football?
"Play video games. Hang out with my friends. Go to church."
Other than football what is your favorite sport?
"I like to play baseball, but not watch it that much."