PSU in it for Rolle

Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School athlete Myron Rolle had narrowed things down to a final five a few month back, eyeing a decision before his senior season starts. However, the nation's No. 3 player always left a little wiggle room, saying that a few teams could still get in the mix during the summer. One such team was Penn State and it appears the Nittany Lions are very much a factor when it comes to the recruiting battle for Rolle.
"Penn State is in there with Oklahoma, Michigan, Miami, Florida and Florida State," said the 6-foot-2, 214-pounder. "They're as high as anyone. No team out of those six stands out more than the other for me. Those will probably be the six I choose from since I won't be able to get out to Texas and I was hoping to see Georgia but that doesn't look good either."
Why the addition of Penn State?
"They're a program I know very well," said Rolle. "Other than Rutgers, I've been to Penn State more than anyplace else. My sister and brother both graduated from there and I like coach Anderson, Bradley and Norwood. Penn State is also close to home and offer good academics. It's a great program."
Rolle recently attended a Penn State Alumni dinner in York, Pa. and talked with current PSU players Derrick Williams and Tony Hunt.
"I went because my sister is the secretary of the York chapter," he said. "And I couldn't speak to coach Paterno because of recruiting rules, but I did speak to Derrick and Tony. Derrick especially didn't pull any punches, he told me about Penn State and what his feelings were about a few of the teams that I'm considering that recruited him. I won't mention what teams, but I learned some things from his perspective."
However, Williams and Hunt weren't pushing Penn State at Rolle.
"They told me I needed to go where it was the best fit for me and do what I need to do," he said. "They obviously had good things to say about Penn State and the direction the program is going, but they weren't really recruiting me as much as just talking."
Rolle wants to make his decision in late August at his school. The original date set was August 24th, but he's not sure now.
"I don't know just yet when it will be," he said. "It will be before the season though."
Rolle wants to take an unofficial visit to Florida State in July, but the date hasn't been set yet and could be pushed back.
"I might wait until August so I can meet the players," he said. "I'd like to go when they're around because I've met the players at every other school."
The nation's top athlete was hoping his unofficial visits this spring and summer would narrow down his list and eliminate some schools. It hasn't happened.
"Oklahoma set the bar as far as visits go and everyone else just kept raising it," he said. "I guess that's to be expected. They all brought their A-Game and showed me as much as they could. Each visit seemed better than the last. Every school was impressive so it will be a tough choice."
Williams, the nation's No. 1 player last year, shocked many when he chose Penn State over schools like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Florida. Could it be two in a row for Penn State when it comes to the nation's top athlete?
"You don't know," he said. "They are very much in there and have a lot to offer. All six schools are excellent and each one is tempting. We'll see."