Pryor names leader

When it comes to backs this recruiting season the Sunshine State has a plethora of top flight runners. One of the very best is Lonnie Pryor. Pryor, 6-1 and 195 pounds, is from Okeechobee (Fla.) High School. Last season as a junior Pryor had a terrific season, rushing for 1,735 yards and 20 touchdowns, while averaging eight yards per carry.
"I don't have great speed but I think I do have great vision," Pryor said. "I can cutback and run with power. But to be honest, I am more of a shaker. I am elusive. If there was one thing I want to work on it's my speed. I am a 4.5 guy but I would love to get faster. I want to get bigger as well."
According to Pryor he has two dozen scholarship offers in writing. Some of the bigger ones are schools like Florida State, LSU, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia and Florida. Nebraska and Georgia were his most recent offers while Wake Forest was his first.
"I was very surprised that Wake offered me when they did," he said. "I was still a sophomore or it was right after my sophomore year. I really didn't expect it that early. I never thought it would be like this. I mean I thought I was good, but I didn't expect this many offers. Seeing these schools and meeting these coaches has been a huge thrill. It's been kind of cool."
Pryor has unofficially visited FSU, Florida, South Florida, UCF, LSU, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wake Forest. Those trips have giving him a good comparison of schools and now Pryor knows who his two favorite teams are.
"FSU is my favorite. I have liked them since I was little. They have always been my team. If Bobby Bowden leaves it wouldn't bother me. If I go there and Jimbo (Fisher) is there that would be great. We are close and talk every week. I like all the coaches and I have been there five times. FSU feels like home. I just have good feeling when I go there.
"I would say LSU is second right now. I have only been there once. I like coach (Les) Miles. He is a funny guy. I talk with the running backs coach (Larry Porter) and coach (Earl) Lane. They have nice campus and everything at LSU is five-star. It's just a great place. The college life is terrific. I spent four days there and went to spring game. I got a good feel for college life at LSU."
Three other teams sit in Pryor's top five, Georgia, Auburn and Clemson.
"I honestly don't know too much about Georgia right now but I do know that Knowshon Moreno has my (jersey) number. I know coach John Lilly when he was at FSU. I want to get up there and meet coaches and check out school. I will certainly keep a close eye on Georgia this fall.
"Auburn is a school that I would consider a running school. I want to play early and I think that's a place where I can get early playing time.
"I would say the same thing about Clemson. They are a running school and I definitely want to check them out."
Although it's still relatively early in the recruiting process it looks as though it's a two team race for Pryor. How will he decide?
"Education is first. I want to go somewhere that if I didn't play football I could feel good about spending four years there. I have to like the coaches and it has to feel like family. The school has to fits me."
This summer Pryor plans on taking a 14 day trip with a few of his teammates. They will camp at LSU, Tennessee and some others that have yet to be determined.