Prueitt making most of move

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Justin Prueitt is listed in the Rivals.com database as a defensive tackle. However, at this week's practices for the Air 7 CaliFlorida Bowl it looks like Prueitt has found a home at offensive line.
The 6-foot-4, 275-pounder has had a solid week of practices, but admits he's still learning how to play offensive line The good news, though, is that he's an eager learner.
"It has been a big challenge because I mostly played D-line in high school," Prueitt said about making the move from defensive tackle to offensive tackle. "Making the shift to the offensive line with all these other great offensive linemen has been a big shift. But I think I've handled it pretty well.

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"I have the speed and the size already. I've been working with my coach at my high school a little bit, and I've asked my future college coaches a few questions. I've talked to them all about technique. I've been working a lot with the coaches here, and they've been teaching me a lot."
The end result might still be a little bit in the future as Prueitt does have some technique advances to make before he's ready to be an impact offensive lineman in the Pac 10. But the tools are definitely there. He does have light feet, a great frame and he wants to get better and better.
"O-line is my future," he said. "I like it a lot. It's fun. The coaches are going to work on getting me close to 300 pounds when I get there, and then they want me at around 305 pounds after my first year."
Prueitt is the lone Cal Bear commitment – at this point – on the California roster. And his family is definitely proud of his decision, with both mom and dad wearing Bear gear every day at practices this week. Heck, even the family dog was decked out in a Cal dog sweater.
"That's my mom's dog," Prueitt said. "As you can tell, my commitment is in concrete. That's not going to change."
Prueitt said he's tried to help recruit a little bit this week for the Bears, but there is one guy that he apparently hasn't had to do too much of a sale's pitch on.
"I heard that Derrick Hill is thinking about being a Bear pretty heavily," Prueitt said. "Derrick is a great player. I think he's nominated for the player of the year in California, and he's so strong. He's got the strength and the speed. I've went up against him a few times this week, and he's going to be a great college player.
"I can't wait to get him on the same team as me."