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Proud to be a Buck

Claymont (Ohio) Northmont four-star cornerback Kurt Coleman committed to Ohio State back on June 25th, and more than a month later he said it's a decision that he's not regretted one bit.
"I'm definitely still solid with Ohio State," Coleman, who is 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds, said.
"When I made my decision it took a lot of weight off my shoulders. Now I can focus on the season and improving myself. Plus, I started to get a bunch of notoriety after I got the label of Ohio State Buckeye, so that's not bad, either."
Coleman said the attention from most other schools has dried up since his pledge.
"I'm getting letters here and there," he said. "I was real close to the K-State coach, and he was sad to see me commit to Ohio State, but he was glad that I'm happy with my decision. Other than that, it's slowed down a bunch."
Coleman knows that he is one of the nation's best players, but that still hasn't kept him from working hard at becoming an even better player.
"The coaches just tell me to work on technique and improve my skills," he said. "They want me to get faster and stronger, because they feel I have a good chance of getting to play early on."
"I'll be a cornerback at Ohio State. I feel like I can shut down anyone that poses a threat to the team. I like playing man and coming up and smacking people when they cross the line. I definitely consider myself a solid tackler."
Coleman also joins a rapidly expanding trend of players that are graduating early and heading to college in the spring semester of their senior years in high school. That move will help him get adjusted sooner.
"I think I'm going to get an extra leg on the other players coming in since I will be graduating high school early," Coleman said. "I think it'll put me a step above everyone and I expect to play early."