Prospects react to Utahs Pac-10 move

PROVO, Utah - Some players had short and pointed answers when asked about Utah joining the Pac-10, how it would change its recruiting, its schedule, its wins and losses and whether it was a good move for the Utes.
"It's huge," Sandy (Utah) Alta quarterback Boston Handley said. "It's going to be a blast."
Kirkland (Wash.) Juanita defensive end Jarett Finau said: "It's going to be big."

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Then Highlands Ranch (Colo.) Valor Academy dual-threat quarterback Brock Berglund weighed in on the matter and provided a lengthy, thoughtful, articulate response about the Pac-10 and the Mountain West, recruiting ramifications and whether the move would severely alter Utah's reputation already as a strong national program.
"I'm from Colorado and the Mountain West is a good conference, I got some offers from there, but the bigger conference with more money involved, it's easier to recruit because it's more of a pull to kids who can say they're going to play in the Pac-10," Berglund said.
"It's a little different deal. I'm not saying it's going to change because Utah is really successful now and have played in BCS bowl games so they're doing a great job down there right now but this could be an extra edge. They're going to be a powerhouse in the future."
Utah on Thursday accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10, becoming the 12th team in the conference after Colorado, from the Big 12, also recently joined. The Utes had been a member of the Mountain West since the conference started in 1999.
The Pac-10 attempted a major coup to get Texas, Oklahoma and other Big 12 teams to form a 16-team league - something that would have severely altered the college football landscape - but those schools decided to stay in their conference.
Utah leaves the Mountain West where it had a natural rivalry with in-state foe BYU. Wednesday's NIKE Camp was held there and numerous recruits talked about the Utes leaving and breaking up one of the most-heated state rivalries in the country.
BYU commit Bakker Pritchard, a defensive end from South Jordan (Utah) Bingham, said he's disappointed that the Utes will be leaving the conference but that he understands the move from a financial perspective and the lure to play Southern Cal, UCLA, Oregon and other powerhouse programs.
"I've heard stories that BYU is going to the Big 12 but if they took Utah they should take BYU too because there is more of an in-state rivalry," Pritchard said. "They're all big in-state teams that have rivalries against each other so it would be better if BYU was in there, too."
For American Fork, Utah, offensive tackle Ryker Mathews, it's just another twist and turn in his recruitment.
Utah and BYU are two of his favorite teams - Kansas and Utah State have also offered - but now he has to consider the ramifications of playing for the Utes, now in the Pac-10, or picking BYU, which won't play as high-profile teams but could emerge as an even bigger player in the Mountain West with Utah out of the way.
"It will make a little impact on my decision but not like huge, not like I'm totally going there right now because they're in the Pac-10," Mathews said.
"They'll be playing a lot better schools and it will help them because they can say they're playing a lot of the best teams in the nation."