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Prospect Pulse: Patrick Surtain


When looking at some of the top uncommitted prospects in the country, sometimes you have to weed through the rumors and get to the reality of the situation. At Rivals.com, we do just that with a new feature called the Prospect Pulse. Our first subject is Patrick Surtain Jr., a standout cornerback from Florida.

The players: LSU and Florida State are thought to be the two leaders here by far with Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Miami mentioned.

The rumors: Rumor has it that Surtain has been a strong lean to LSU forever and has fallen in love with the DBU reputation in Baton Rouge, with Florida State running second. However, despite Florida State's awful season, the ‘Noles are making a strong push for Surtain. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Miami have been mentioned as well.

The reality: In this rare case, the rumors seem to reflect the reality here as it will be tough to pull Surtain away from LSU. His official visits will be interesting to follow and things could change, but right now the very quiet Surtain seems to be an LSU lean.

The breakdown: “I like LSU here, but not nearly as much as I once did. According to Surtain himself, the Tigers' lead has evaporated and schools such as Florida State, Clemson and Alabama are in play. There’s been some recent smoke around Miami for obvious reasons, but it could be too late for the Hurricanes to make a real push. Surtain canceled a recent visit to Ohio State, which may or may not mean anything. LSU is still holds a small edge here, but don’t discount the others in the hunt. Surtain’s official visits could mean everything.” - Rob Cassidy, Rivals.com Florida Recruiting Analyst

Farrell’s pick: LSU is my pick here. There has been too much smoke for there not to be a fire. But it’s early and he will take his recruitment until the end.