Process heating up for Duvernay

Sachse (Texas) 2016 wide receiver Devin Duvernay has had no problem staying busy this spring. Every day it seems he is receiving a new offer and some days multiple offers.
"It's exciting," Duvernay said. "It's hard to believe it's all true and I'm just taking it all in right now."
On Thursday Iowa and Duke offered and then he ended the day with an offer from Texas A&M. Duvernay had a feeling the Texas A&M offer might be on its way and he could see himself fitting in well in College Station.
"I think it's good because they have a wide open 7-on-7 type of offense and I think they can do things similar to my high school," Duvernay said. " They can get me the ball in open space and I can just make plays and run down the field."
The standout receiver grew up a fan of LSU and Texas, but he is not ready to name any favorites in his recruiting process.
"Right now everyone is equal. I'm looking at everyone equally," Duvernay said.
While he does not have any favorites he does know what he is looking for in a future college program.
"Just to see how they coach and see if they would be a good person to coach me and see if they can coach me to hopefully be at the pro level," Duvernay said.
He plans to see check out a few coaching staffs first hand with a few summer visits.
"Plans, I'm trying to check out the teams in Texas, and then I think I'm going to try and go out to Alabama and Clemson and Oklahoma and Oregon State maybe," Duvernay said.
His summer plans also include a few camps.
"Yeah I plan on going to some camps," Duvernay said. "Most of the coaches said I really don't have to perform and just meet most of the coaches and be around them and see how they do things. But I do plan on doing that."
As for narrowing his list, Duvernay does not know when he will start making those decisions.
"Not right now, I don't have an idea," Duvernay said.