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Fab 15 Offense: Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy

RB Lorenzo Lingard ()

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy featured plenty of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Here is a how they ranked after six practices over the last four days.

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Recruiting wrap: Florida State, Florida, Ohio State, Miami and Auburn are in the best position with Lingard. He will visit Auburn soon and might visit Alabama and Clemson.

Performance: Lingard was absolutely dynamic in the open field and coaches praised his work ethic, effort and leadership. The difference between Lingard and Person was razor thin, but Lingard was a little more elusive in the open field. There were only a handful of elite prospects that participated in close to 100 percent of the drills and one-on-ones, and Lingard rarely missed a chance to show off his skills.

Recruiting wrap: N.C. State has been doing a great job recruiting Person, but South Carolina, Clemson and Georgia are very much in the mix. Clemson and Georgia could be close to offering.

Performance: Person is a fantastically talented prospect with huge upside. He is a dangerous receiver and made a lot of impressive catches on various routes. Linebackers had a hard time keeping up with him and if they could actually get their hands on Person he just shook them off like they weren't even there.

Recruiting wrap: Pledger will visit Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State this week. UCLA and USC are two schools that he is in touch with a lot.

Performance: Pledger isn't a tall running back, but he has a solid build and doesn't get pushed around. He may have had the best feet in this talented group of running backs and he ran very good routes. None of the linebackers had much success against Pledger and he could have helped himself earn a higher spot on this list if he had taken more reps on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Recruiting wrap: North Carolina, Alabama, Ole Miss, Florida and Florida State stand out to Gouraige.

Performance: Even though he is listed as a defensive end on his profile, it's pretty clear that Gouraige will be an offensive lineman in college. He was very quick to get into his pass sets and did a good job moving laterally to keep the defensive lineman in front of him. Gouriage has a very strong punch as well and it helped him keep many defensive linemen from beating him inside.

Recruiting wrap: Cook is committed to Florida State but will camp at Miami this weekend.

Performance: Cook's talents have been heavily publicized for a long time and those reports have not been exaggerated. He has good size and seems to effortlessly glide past defenders on his way to big plays. After Sunday and Monday, Cook didn't fully participate in many of the practices, but he did pick his spots during one-on-ones and still had plenty of success.

Recruiting wrap: West Virginia, Maryland and Louisville are the first three schools to offer Brown.

Performance: Brown has shown a lot of improvement over the past few months and he was proving to be one of the best running backs in attendance before sustaining a minor injury that kept him out the majority of the practices. He’s added a lot of good mass but it hasn’t slowed him down. Brown is a reliable receiver out of the backfield and knows how to separate from defenders.

Recruiting wrap: Texas Tech, Illinois, Iowa and Utah are just a few of the schools that have offered Jackson.

Performance: Jackson was a late arrival but he certainly made his presence felt. He gets upfield in a hurry and had great burst out of his cuts that left defenders desperately trying to catch up. It was good to see Jackson challenge himself against the top defensive backs, and that’s when his good route-running skills really helped him.

Recruiting wrap: Fugate hasn’t received an offer yet.

Performance: A new name on the recruiting scene, Fugate has a ton of potential. He is on the shorter side right now but there is plenty of time for him to grow. Fugate operated mostly as a slot receiver during the seven-on-seven portion of the camp and he excelled. Fugate’s speed helped him separate and he easily won the large majority of his reps during one-on-ones.

Recruiting wrap: No schools have offered McKenzie yet.

Performance: McKenzie might end up playing defensive back at the next level, but he did a great job as a wide receiver. He has very good length and consistently caught the ball away from his body. McKenzie also showed that he could adjust to throws while the ball was in the air.

Recruiting wrap: Foster is committed to North Carolina.

Performance: The group of quarterbacks wasn’t very strong overall, but Foster was one of the few bright spots. He battled a sore groin throughout the camp, but he had some of the best throws of the camp. The ball jumped off Foster’s hand and receivers liked working with him because he threw a very catchable ball.

Recruiting wrap: Long hasn’t picked up his first offer yet.

Performance: Long is also a new name on the recruiting scene, and he has big-time potential. He has very long arms and flashed impressive abilities in the open field. Long was especially dangerous over the middle and down the sideline. As he refines his route running, Long should get more attention from college coaches.

Recruiting wrap: Zenelovic is still waiting on his first offer.

Performance: Zenelovic received a lot of attention from the coaches and rightfully so. He was one of the most technically advanced quarterbacks out there. Zenelovic threw a very accurate ball and he quickly adjusted to the speed of the receivers. He was also athletic and showed that he can throw accurately on the run.

Recruiting wrap: Cecere is waiting on his first offer.

Performance: Cecere is a very intriguing prospect because he is a very good athlete. As a quarterback he has to work on his throwing mechanics but the ball seemed to get to the right spot more often than not. Look for colleges to get Cecere on campus and work him out at multiple positions.

Recruiting wrap: Oregon, Oregon State and Cal have offered Jaramillo.

Performance: Jaramillo flashed impressive abilities and has decent technique. The offensive line as a whole didn’t have a ton of success, but it’s easy to see why colleges think he could be a major contributor with some development. Jaramillo extended his arms well and was in proper position most of the time but needs to get stronger and play with better pad level.

Recruiting wrap: Wilhite holds an offer from New Mexico State.

Performance: Wilhite was one of the strongest players in attendance. None of the defensive linemen could overpower him, and on some one-on-one reps he was able to ride the defensive lineman out of the play. If Wilhite can move laterally faster he would have been much more effective.