Pressley will visit Virginia

You won't find many players with 6-foot-1, 260-pound frames in offensive backfields, but fullback Chris Pressley carries his weight well. He's scheduled his five official visits, and a new school has found its way into Pressley's top five.
"Virginia has moved up my list some," said Pressley, of Woodbury, N.J. "They get a lot of young guys on the field and they have a solid coaching staff. It's one of the best public schools in the country. They're in my top five right now."
Pressley has set up all five of his official visits. He'll visit Wisconsin on Dec. 5, Tennessee on Dec. 12, Maryland on Dec. 19, Stanford on Jan. 9, and Virginia on Jan. 16.
"I had planned on going to Indiana, but I just changed my mind," he said. "It's a good school and all, but I just decided that I would rather see Virginia. Nothing against IU, but I just think there's a better chance I'll end up at UVA. I only get five visits, so I'm kind of got my hands tied."
Of the five schools he plans on visiting, two stick out.
"Maryland and Stanford are the top two right now," he said. "I like them for different reasons but I've gotten good vibes from people at both places. I could see myself ending up at either one of those schools."
In Woodbury's most recent playoff game Pressley led his squad to a 46-20 victory, rushing 17 times for 260 yards and four touchdowns.