Pratt already getting major attention

Navasota, Texas, star junior Dexter Pratt is one of the top athletes in the nation for the class of 2009 and he's doing everything he can on the field to prove it.
"I think I've been playing good, but I could have played better," Pratt, who's been playing mainly at running back, said.
"I think I had 80 or some yards in the first game, and then had 251 yards in the second game so I'm getting better. I want to try to get over 1,500 yards personally and as a team I want to make the playoffs. I need to run the ball successfully and have good games. Everybody has bad games, but I have to do everything I can to try not to."

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At 6-foot-2, 220-pound, Pratt is one of the most physically impressive players in Central Texas and with early scholarship offers from Oklahoma State and Texas A&M he knows the attention will get really crazy. Well, actually, it already is.
"I get stuff from Nebraska, West Virginia, Notre Dame, a lot of schools," Pratt said. "I couldn't even name them all. They just say they're going to be recruiting me hard and stuff like that. Most of the letters are saying they're just beginning the recruiting process and they're interested in me.
"I don't even know who I like right now. It's too early. I want to see who will be in front of me and stuff like that. What's their record and stuff like that. Make sure they're not only good, but have a need for me."
Pratt has already taken several unofficial visits to both Texas and A&M this season.
"I went to Texas and a Texas A&M game earlier this year, but I can't make any more games," he said. "I've got to work. I liked the games, though. Texas was more interesting, because they played TCU and they were down at the half.
"I want to go to OU-Texas, Texas-Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State-Texas. I think I'll only be able to make just one. If I got to choose which one it would probably be Oklahoma State-Texas. Oklahoma State has already offered me and stuff, and our coach is the brother of their offensive coordinator, Larry Fedora, at Oklahoma State.
Pratt, who rushed for 839 yards and 13 scores as a sophomore, said he feels he has the ability to be an impact player in college.
"I would say my size and speed are my biggest strengths," he said. "I run over people until I get in the open field, then I run away from them. I went to the Oklahoma State camp and the Texas camp last summer. I learned a lot about protecting the ball and ways to be holding the ball to secure it.