Pouncey twins moving to Gainesville soon

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Pouncey twins have put on a show throughout their high school career, but their high school career is over, and they plan on moving on to their new home very soon. They will play in the East Meets West All-American Bowl Saturday and move up to Gainesville on Sunday.
"It is going to be a lot of fun to get up to Florida early," said Maurkice Pouncey. "We get to get up there, learn the plays, get used to the system, and we will be ready to compete in the spring."
It will not be long before these twins move into their new home.

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"We are ready to go. We will go home after the game here on Saturday, get are things, and move in on Sunday. We are set and we are very excited about it."
Before they can begin their college careers, they have one last high school game to participate in.
"I am ready to play and just hit somebody," said Michael. "You always have to be ready to hit and to play. The way our team is looking, we should play well and get it done."
Leading up the East Meets West All-American Bowl has been some grueling practices in muggy Orlando.
"I have been playing well this week," said Michael Pouncey. "We are both playing guard and we are doing real well I think."
The other Pouncey agrees on their performance this week during practice.
"I agree with Mike," said Maurkice Pouncey. "I mean it was tough at first getting to know new coaches and to learn a new offensive system, but I think we have played real good."
The twins will be playing in a big game Saturday, but their Gators will playing in a bigger one on Monday. The Pouncey twins are confident that the Gators will take care of business.
"Ah man, Florida is going to win that game. We have have talked to the coaches and they have been practicing hard, so I think they are going to do good. You have to believe in your school and I think they are going win," Michael said.
This duo had this to say to all the Gator fans out there.
"We love you guys and we can't wait to get down there."