Potts gets visit from Michigan

While the Red Raiders are coming off losing one of their two quarterback commits since former Texas Tech commit Greg McElroy made the switch to Alabama, talk surfaced about the possibility of that happening with their other signal caller Taylor Potts.
Wednesday's events did nothing to calm the waters. Michigan coaches made there way to Abilene and from what head coach Steve Warren knows, an offer looks like it was made.
"Michigan was in my office yesterday and they were in his home last night," Warren said about Potts. "They spent quite a bit of time together and they indicated to me that they were going to extend an offer to Taylor. Now, from my office to the home, I can't tell exactly, but that's what I got the impression about with regards to an offer."

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While the Wolverines are making a big push for the Texas signal caller, Warren says that it may not make a difference after his morning conversation with Potts.
"He actually told me this morning when we talked that he was committed to Tech and that was that," Potts said. "He said, 'Coach, I may go up there to visit, but I'm committed to Tech.' I say if you get a free trip to see a place like Michigan, you ought to take it, but I don't' get the feeling this morning that he's going elsewhere."
"That's just my opinion about the whole situation."
Warren says that when you have the ability of the 6-foot-5, 210-pound Potts, it's not surprise some teams haven't given up. That along with the fact that some programs are being left with quarterbacks, it can make for an interesting situation.
"He committed so early and when you see a quarterback going here or there, some programs look up and they don't have one," Warren said. "Then the new coaching staffs come in to the Rice's of the world, and you anticipate something happening. I had a feeling about all of this."
However, as of right now, nothing has been reportedly set up as to a visit for Michigan.