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Potts also a star at Monrovia

Monrovia, Calif., is already on the recruiting map because running back James Davis and tight end Eric Brooks are already being heavily recruited.
But after a strong showing at the NIKE Training Camp and the EA Sports Elite 11 regional workout Saturday at the University of Southern California, it's clear that quarterback David Potts also has the goods to be something special.
"I think I did really good," Potts, who is 6-foot-2 and 182 pounds, said. "I had a lot of positive and sharp throws. The comeback route was really hitting for me. It was 18 yards back to 15 and you just throw it on a line and get it there. I was really popping for me all day long."
But that's no surprise if you've followed Potts' progression over the past 12 months. The athletic quarterback has blossomed into not only a good passer, but also a true dual-threat quarterback. As a junior he threw for 1,412 yards and 10 scores, he also rushed for 194 yards and four scores on the ground.
"This past year, I've developed into a guy that can also run the ball," he said. "I'm a pocket quarterback that can now also make plays with my running game. I wouldn't say I'm Mike Vick or anything like that, but I can throw on the run now if I have to.
"I've worked hard and really improved my consistency. I think I've developed into a more complete quarterback. I've learned that I can trust my arm better."
That was on display all day on Saturday, and Potts is right. His stock could shoot through the roof after his performance. The athletic passer was a relative unknown coming into the day, but he impressed all observers with his great feet and consistent spin.
But Potts is also quick to point out that having guys like Davis and Brooks on his team also make him a better player. Davis, an all-purpose back, already has a scholarship on the table from Colorado. Brooks, a nice pass-catching tight end, has an early offer from Colorado State.
"They make me look better," Potts said. "But this weekend was about making myself look better. I think I did that and now everybody is going to start finding out about me."
Potts is already getting mail from Washington, Arizona and Oregon State. He said all of the teams on his list are on equal footing and he wouldn't mind hearing from more teams over the upcoming weeks.
"I did grow up watching Miami and Michigan a lot," he said. "At this point I just want an opportunity and want to see who's going to give me a scholarship offer."