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Poole taking his time

TAMPA, Fla. - Bradenton (Fla.) Southeast cornerback Brian Poole isn't sure how many offers he is up to, but he knows that he has dozens of options.
"I am not sure on an exact number but I think it is like 25 or somewhere up around there," Poole said.
When asked to list a few of his offers, Poole mentioned Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and USF. At this point in the process, he isn't talking with a lot of college coaches.
"I don't really call a lot of schools," Poole said. "I don't really call anyone. I am really just taking it all in."
So far, he has been able to hit the road to see two in-state schools - Florida and South Florida.
He talked about his time in Gainesville and what he learned about Will Muschamp's program.
"It is nice," Poole said. "They have some great coaches. Everything was nice. Nice facilities."
As for Skip Holtz and USF, the hometown school was also a good time.
"It was real nice," Poole said. "A lot of the coaches over there were real nice."
Poole said he would likely attend some spring games, with Florida and Florida State being two possible destinations. He isn't in a rush to end the process for a few reasons.
"I want to take more visits," Poole said. "I also want other guys at my school to get some attention too. So I am just taking my time and waiting for all the scouts to come out for our spring practices to see everybody, not just me. I want to help other people on my team out too."
As for when the process may come to an end, it could be during his senior campaign.
"Maybe during the season," Poole said. "I have to talk it over with my coaches and my family and everything."
When asked if he had a leader, Poole gave a mixed response but then played things coy.
"Yeah and no," Poole said. "Not really. I am open to everybody right now. … I am just taking my time."