Poly trenchman getting noticed

Junior to Watch: Charles Owens.
School: Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
Position: Offensive Tackle.

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Size and Speed: Owens stands 6-foot-5, weighs in at 285 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.93 seconds. Charles benches 285 pounds and squats 450 pounds.
Statistics: N/A.
Honors: N/A.
Favorite Schools: Charles is getting mail from Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Cal, USC and Notre Dame. There is no clear-cut favorite but Charles to attend the Michigan camp with good friend and teammate Kevin Brown.
The Skinny: Owens proved his mettle as a young man and demonstrated outstanding leadership when tragedy struck his young life shortly before double sessions his junior season. Poly teammates were inspired how Charles handled himself when his mother passed on. Owens at first contemplated quitting the game, but his heart wouldn’t let him. The way Charles dealt with his grief earned him the affection and admiration of the whole Poly family. Owens attributes his misfortune as one of the reasons that he is mentally ready on and off the field.
Charles started as a junior but was hurt in the seventh game of his junior season and he sat out the rest of the year. Owens had a banged up shoulder but he is 100% healthy now and raring to go.
Owens by his own admission said he is a slightly a better pass than a run blocker, but he’s quick to add that he’s pretty good as a run blocker too. Charles is working hard all aspects of his game with teammate Kevin Brown. “Kevin and I have been friends a long time and we work well together,” Kevin said. “We play on the same side of the line.”
Charles would be a prospect on size and quickness alone. When you add his character and his upsides you can see why many of the nation’s best teams are taking notice of the talented youngster from Long Beach Poly…