Poly corner lands offer

Fast, rangy cornerbacks who are physical, aggressive and can hit are always in demand. One player who is beginning light things up on the recruiting trail is Lazarri Middleton (6-1, 190, 4.48) from Long Beach (Calif.) Poly.
Add into the equation that Middleton has great size, with all his other tangible and intangibles that he brings to the table, and you will understand why interest has grown as the season has progressed.
The athletic Middleton also plays the game with a competitive fire and outstanding leadership qualities. He also has a solid work ethic.
One of the reasons that Middleton entered into the season as a sleeper is, like many athletes who play at the talent factory that is known as Lone Beach Poly, he had to wait his turn and shared time on the field as a junior.
Now that it is Middleton's turn his light his shining bright.
Just last Friday when Poly and Compton high school met in a showdown of the undefeated, he let Compton know early why Poly is a different animal when it comes to high school football.
Middleton would have been at least a three-year starter at just about any other program, in the area, hit junior running back sensation James McConico with such power that the forced fumble that he cause shot away from his like a missile about 10 feet away from him.
It was quite a hit.
For his senior season, Middleton has recorded 37 tackles, six pass breakups, two forced fumbles and one interception.
On the recruiting trail, Middleton has one offer from SMU. He is getting serious recruiting attention from Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech, Louisville, BYU, San Diego State, TCU, Utah State and UCLA.
Middleton is planning to visit Louisville on November 21st. He will also visit SMU, but he isn't sure of the date at this time.
What is Middleton looking for in a college?
"I'm looking for a school where I can play early and get a good education," Middleton said. "Prestige of the school is as important as playing time and getting a good education."
"I would like to go to a school that can help get to the next level and offer me the best opportunities on and off the field."