Plenty of interest for Hogan

Junior defensive end Jimmy Hogan of Ramapo, N.J., who picked up his first two offers during the summer, has seen a huge amount of new interest come his way since September 1st.
"It has been absolutely crazy," said Hogan, who is 6-foot-5 and 220-pounds. "I have gotten at least 20 letters from all different schools per week. I never expected this."
Hogan picked up early offers from Rutgers and Massachusetts, but if the recent influx of interest means anything then he will have plenty more in the near future.

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"I'm getting a lot of mail from Penn State, Wisconsin, Boston College, Pittsburgh and a few others," said Hogan. "It makes me feel really good about myself, and my dad is very proud of me. I feel so lucky to have the athletic ability to do all of this so I have to make the most out of it."
Hogan has not taken any visits yet this fall, but will attend the Rutgers/Syracuse game at Rutgers in early October. He also attended a practice recently at Rutgers and was inspired by one of the players.
"Their outside linebacker, Khaseem Greene, is a beast," said Hogan. "He was so into playing football that he inspired me to do the same. He's a monster."
As his recruiting process begins to take off, Hogan has a few things he hopes to find in his future school.
"I just want to have fun and I love what I do," said Hogan. "I want to go where I'll most likely start the longest and help the team win. I'll play anything a college wants me to, from defensive line to linebacker to tight end. I just love playing the game."
Hogan helped his team to an easy win last season in their opener.
"We on our first game against Passaic Valley 48-7," said Hogan. "I had a sack and as a team we put a lot of pressure on the quarterback."