Pleasant takes a visit

Four-star cornerback Josh Pleasant took an official visit over the weekend to Toledo. The 5-foot-10, 185-pounder enjoyed the trip, but if he wants to be a Rocket he has to make a decision within a few days.
"It was a pretty cool trip," he said. "I enjoyed it.
"The thing is I have to make a quick decision in the next day or two since school already started and they want me to enroll by Wednesday. They told me if I don't enroll now I won't have a scholarship.
"Other than that, it was a good visit. I'm not really a city guy and Toledo is in the city. They also want to use me a lot as a cornerback, special teams and on offense. It interests me and if I had a couple weeks that would be much better."
In the meantime, the No. 13 prep school prospect is gaining interest fast.
"I just got a call the other day from Nebraska and another one from Auburn," he said. "I'm looking at those. They are just talking to me and I want to look at the best competition.
"Right now I'd say more than likely I'm not leaning towards a decision soon. A lot of these schools want me as a midyear and I want a choice of where I can play. I'm not really favoring any schools."