Plan unveiled for XLK

Xavier Lawson-Kennedy unveiled his mater plan for the first time ever tonight. And it’s a plan that will keep him taking official visits until the end of January but also reducing his lists each time he takes another visit.
“I’ve got it all figured out,” Lawson Kennedy, the nation’s No. 2 defensive tackle that just returned from an official visit to College Station this weekend, said.
“Basically what I’m going to do is visit Oklahoma this weekend and then eliminate Texas A&M or Oklahoma when I come back. And for example if I eliminated A&M, then I would pick between Arkansas and Oklahoma after I visit Arkansas.

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“And then when I visit Oklahoma State, I’ll eliminate one of those two. Then when I visit Florida, I’ll eliminate one of the final two and have a decision.”
Sounds complicated but Lawson-Kennedy said his plan is going to work out and the second elimination visit this weekend to Oklahoma. That’s when he compares Oklahoma to Texas A&M.
And the Sooners will have to do a good job, because Lawson-Kennedy said he came away impressed with College Station.
“It was pretty tight,” he said. “I liked the facilities. They were great and so were the players. I told my host, Marcus Jasmine, and the others while I was there that I didn’t want to talk too much about football. I want to talk to them about the other stuff. I just wanted to chill around them and see how they react.”
And Lawson-Kennedy said he got a good vibe, especially after staying up until 5 a.m. playing Tecmo Bowl on PlayStation with Patrick Thompson, Jorrie Adams, Joseph Bryant and a bunch of the other guys from the team.
“They kept me cracking up, and I liked that,” Lawson-Kennedy said. “I think they were thinking that I was a clown or something because I was having fun, but I think those guys really know how to have a good time. That’s what I wanted to see. I wanted to see what it was like away from the football.”
And Lawson-Kennedy hopes to see the same stuff this weekend at Oklahoma, on January 10 at Arkansas, on January 17 at Oklahoma State and finally at Florida on January 24.
“If this works out, it’ll be the week before signing day when I’ll have my final two teams,” Lawson-Kennedy said. “And from there, I’ll be able to make my decision.”