Pitt making a five-star move

While most everyone feels that the battle for Cleveland (Ohio) Glenville cornerback Teddy Ginn Jr. will come down to Ohio State and Michigan, the Pitt Panthers are creeping into the mix quietly.
"The two schools we'll visit for sure officially are Ohio State and Michigan," said Ginn's father. "But he's keeping his options open. Other visits will likely be to Tennessee, Southern Cal, Pitt and possibly Iowa. We haven't scheduled any just yet, but hopefully we'll do that soon."
Ginn, the nation's No. 1 cornerback as ranked by and No. 4 overall on the Rivals100, did it all last season for his high school team. He played some quarterback and wideout on offense and defensive back on defense. The Panthers, and their Top 15 status, have become more attractive to the Ginn family.
"They're a very solid program and Teddy likes the coaches," his father said. "They'll be one of his official visits, I'm pretty sure. He doesn't want everyone thinking that he's a lock for OSU or Michigan, because a lot more goes into his decision than football."
The Panthers are recruiting Ginn as an athlete and have talked about him playing on both sides of the ball. OSU, Michigan and Tennessee want him as a cornerback while Iowa said he could pick and choose.
Ginn was the ultimate all-purpose player as a junior. He threw for 300 yards on 26 attempts with 15 completions and five touchdowns. He rushed for 408 yards on 40 carries and 10 touchdowns. He caught 15 passes for 502 yards and four scores. On defense, he had 27 solo tackles, 15 assists, 10 interceptions, three sacks and five fumble recoveries.
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