Pitcock Visits PSU - Schedules Notre Dame

Piqua, Ohio, defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock took his scheduled visit to Penn State over the weekend of Jan. 12.
"It went good," Pitcock said. "I had been there unofficially over the summer. This time, I really got to know the people. They have a great bunch of people at Penn State.
"I really like the defensive line coach, Larry Johnson. I like his coaching style."
Pitcock (6-4, 285, 4.9) visited Ohio State previously and now has a trip set to Notre Dame Jan. 19. Planned visits to Duke and Florida are on hold.
"I'm keep a visit for that last weekend in January open," Pitcock said. "Duke is probably out of the running. An assistant from Florida has called me, but I don't think I'm going to visit there.
"I actually did get a chance to talk to (new Notre Dame coach Tyrone) Willingham on the phone. He is a real good coach and I think he's going to keep the tradition at Notre Dame going strong."
As for a leader, Pitcock said, "I really don't have them positioned right now. Everybody is pretty equal."
Pitcock said he has taken notice of Mike D'Andrea's verbal to Ohio State. Pitcock is the last player among Ohio's top five prospects to make his choice. The other four -- D'Andrea, Maurice Clarett, Justin Zwick and Doug Datish -- are in the fold for OSU.
"That's in the back of my head," Pitcock said of OSU's burgeoning class.
Pitcock had 69 tackles and 15 sacks for Piqua's Division II playoff qualifier this year.