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Phone calls coming for DeGrate

Waco, Texas wide receiver Tory DeGrate has had a phone that won’t quit ringing.
“I get calls all the time,” the 5-foot-11, 180 pound DeGrate said. “Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Florida State, Texas A&M and several others have already called this month.
“I enjoy visiting with them and learning more about each place. The coaches are really doing there best to sell their program and talk to you about how you’d fit into the program.”
DeGrate turned several heads with his performance at the Nike camp last weekend in College Station.
“I guess I did pretty good there. I felt like I did, and several coaches have indicated they liked what I did while I was there.”
DeGrate made a trip earlier this spring to Oklahoma.
“I had a good time on my trip The atmosphere up there was something to remember.”
DeGrate currently is holding a scholarship from the Sooners, Arkansas, LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.
“I want to think things through and make the best decision for me. I don’t know what kind of time frame I’m looking at. I just want to find as much as I can about the schools and find a good one.”
DeGrate hopes to attend camps this summer at Texas and Arkansas.
“I’m going to Texas and Arkansas has asked me if I would come to their camp too. We’ll see how it goes.”