Phillips not worried about UK struggles

With every loss the whispers about Joker Phillips' job status at Kentucky get louder and louder, but don't tell three-star Signal Mountain (Tenn.) quarterback Reese Phillips.
The Kentucky commit said that no matter what happens, he's not wavering from his pledge to the Wildcats. In fact, he's expedited his academic career and is on pace to join the program in January.
"I want to get up there early and make sure I'm there for the start of spring practice," Phillips said. "… I've been planning to graduate early the whole time I just haven't made it public until now."

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Phillips has been one of the key parts of Signal Mountain's five-game winning streak and has showed an ability to run the ball for the first time in his career. He's also been receiving snaps on defense when need be.
"I've been doing a lot better as the season has gone along," Phillips said. "I've been running a whole lot - I had to talk my coach into it - but that's' what it takes to win and I love it."
Phillips has heard the rumors about Joker Phillips and the coaching staff at Kentucky, but said even if a change his made, he's staying with Kentucky.
"I would love to play for Joker but it's the SEC and that's just the way it is sometimes," Phillips said. "I'm excited to play for whoever and if they do make a change I know they'll go out and get a great coach."
Phillips said he has a good relationship with Joker and thinks that a few bad breaks have really hurt the Wildcats this season.
"He's a great coach and a good guy and it's not always the head coach's fault," Phillips said. "But the coach gets all the blame even though there a lot of things that go into it. I think Kentucky will rebound and in the next few years it will be a good situation."