Perrys recruitment has unique feel

Jackson Perry holds a pair of BCS-level scholarship offers. He also holds a hyper-impressive transcript and aspirations of becoming a medical doctor. The second part is why his summer camp schedule has a big of a different feel than that of most high-level prospects.
"I'm going to Ivy League camps when we have out two weeks off," Perry said. "I'm going to Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth. After those, I'm going to go back to Nebraska. The Ivy Leagues give you grant to the school. They want you as a football player and they help you get in, but it's not scholarship. It's just like it, though. There is no signing day."
But the Las Vegas Bishop Gorman High School defensive tackle isn't turning his nose up at scholarship offers from UCLA and Nebraska . Those remain very much under consideration. It's just that when he says "academics come first," he actually means it.
This isn't the case of a player spouting recruiting clichés. Perry has done his homework.
"UCLA has a great medical program," Perry said. "It's actually really, really great. Nebraska has a medical program, but it's Omaha, not Lincoln. So after you get an undergrad degree, you can get into the medical school in Omaha. Either that, or they will help you get in to wherever you want to go for medical school."
He's also open to recently developing interest. Perry is listening to pitches from a number of schools that have yet to offer him a scholarship. Talks are ongoing with a number of colleges. Perry has to pause to think when he begins to rattle off their names.
"it's a lot of the Pac 12," he said. "Stanford and Arizona State. I'm talking to Colorado and Colorado State. I've talked to Oregon, Arizona, USC, California … That's pretty much it. Pretty much all the Pac 12 schools."
Perry, who helped national power Bishop Gorman to state title a season ago, is being recruited as both a defensive tackle and an offensive guard. He has set no timetable for a verbal commitment.