Perryman blown away by junior day

Denzel Perryman will be one of the most sought after prospects from south Florida in the Class of 2011. Perryman, a big hitter linebacker prospect from Coral Gables, recorded 126 tackles last season as a junior.
"I read plays and go down hill," Perryman said. "I love to finish and I love to hit. I'm a big hitter out there."
Perryman, now 6-0 and 215 pounds, is working hard this off-season on getting bigger, stronger and faster. He knows he can always do better in that realm.

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"If there is one thing I really want to improve in my game it's my speed. I am fast but I want to get much faster out there."
Working out now, 6-0/215
According to Perryman he holds 12-15 scholarship offers at this time.
"Miami, Florida, FSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Boston College, Tennessee, and South Carolina are the ones I remember off the top of my head. I am waiting on Alabama, USC, LSU and schools like that."
Perryman attended his first junior day yesterday. He traveled north to Tallahassee and was blown away by his trip to Florida State.
"Man I loved it. The atmosphere, the complex, the school, and people around the school were just tremendous. That was my first time there. I was blown away. I like the coaches. All of them are real cool. They like me on the inside. I know of a few players that they signed this past season like Jeff (Luc) and that helps."
So do the Seminoles have the surprise early lead for this hard hitting linebacker?
"Nah. I am open. The only other school I have seen is Miami. Actually, I have been to UM a few times. I know a ton about them. I like the coaches, players and the atmosphere there. Everyone around here wants me to go there and there is some pressure but in the end I will do what is best for me, regardless of the school."
So at this point, where does Perryman stand with the whole recruiting process?
"I really haven't broken down all the school down yet. I am not that far ahead. I know I want to get to Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and USC. I want to go see some schools, the usual big ones.
"I will pick a school that is best for me and my future. When PT (playing time) comes it comes."