Penn State looking at Schiccatano

Two-star linebacker Randall Schiccatano of Wilmington (Del.) Salesianum School has remained patient in hopes of grabbing his first offer. That patience may be paying off as several schools are showing increased interest, including Penn State.
"The recruiting process has been good," sais Schiccatano. "I am still currently waiting for my first official offer and I'm still receiving mail from a lot of major D-1A and D-1AA programs. For now I am just going to be patient."
A few specific schools have showed increased interest recently, especially one.

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"I just talked to the linebacker coach at Penn State and he wants me to send him game film of my senior year as soon as possible," said Schiccatano, who is 6-foot-1 and 230-pounds. "I have been talking to a lot of schools like William & Mary, Richmond, Coastal Carolina, Colgate, Lehigh and Temple."
Schiccatano discussed his interactions with the Penn State coaching staff.
"The Penn State coach just wished me luck on the upcoming season and asked me to please send him some highlights as soon as I can," said Schiccatano, who also shared his thoughts on the recent happenings at Penn State. "I think it's a shame for the victims and the families affected by it, but I also think the sanctions were a little too harsh. Even after everything going on there, who wouldn't want to play in front of 100,000 fans?"
During the summer Schiccatano camped at Pittsburgh, Delaware and Monmouth.
"The camps went great," he said. "I think that I surprised a lot of coaches with my one-one-one skills and sticking with the quick running backs. Also when I'm up against a big tight end I'll jam him hard and make sure he doesn't get off the line. It was a great off-season this summer. I worked my tail off every day. Hopefully all my hard work will pay off."
Happy with his off-season preparation, Schiccatano is ready to hit the field.
"It's my senior year so of course this year is special to me," he said. "This summer I really focused a lot on my agility and quickness. Being a 230-235 pound middle linebacker there's always room to improve on quickness. I pride myself on being able to play sideline to sideline, and making sure I am in on every tackle."
Schiccatano is looking to follow his cousin, Nate Schiccatano, into big time college football. Nate signed with Notre Dame out of high school and then took his final year of eligibility at Temple.