Peko setting visits with haste

Kyle Peko is scrambling. His Cerritos (Calif) Community College team's bye week has arrived, and, at the moment, his weekend plans include relaxing. For the three-star defensive tackle, the situation is not ideal.
A player with 14 scholarship offers, Peko would rather be on the campus of a Division-I college. It's why he's working to change his schedule. Watching games from his couch is fine - appealing, almost . But Peko would rather have an up-close view. He does, after all, have a decision to make.
"I'm trying to go to Michigan State this weekend, but I haven't talked to them yet," Peko said. "If that doesn't happen, I'll probably go to Washington State."

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Any trip that takes place this weekend will, of course, be of the unofficial variety. Peko won't make his official visits until after his junior college season comes to a close. That doesn't mean he hasn't starting planning, though.
"The three I'm going to take for sure are Michigan State, Utah and Nebraska," Peko said. "I'm still not sure on my other two."
Peko goes on to say that the Spartans, Utes and Huskers make up his current list of favorites, leaving Boise State, which made his last cut, out in the cold. He indicates that there's no separation between his top 3, but doesn't mind outlining the reason he's high on each.
His ties to East Lansing are the strongest. Those are made of blood.
"I have two cousins that went there and then went pro, Domata Peko and Tupe Peko," Kyle Peko said. "With Utah, I like them because they play in the Pac 12. I'd like to play in the Pac 12. My dad played at USC, so that's a big thing. With Nebraska, I like the coaches, and the program seems good."
As for a commitment; it's going to be a while. Peko would like to take at least three postseason official visits before he makes a decision. He says he may add more trips to his itinerary, but only the first three are set in stone.
"I just want to check out all the schools and see what I like and what I don't like," he said. "I'm not in a rush."
Peko is on pace to graduate from Cerritos in December and join the program of his choice for spring practice.