Peavey committed to a school, not a staff

Rafe Peavey is numb to it.
The 2014 quarterback prospect committed to Arkansas on June 11 and has since heard every anti-Razorbacks pitch in the book. Other coaches point out that the team is in for another regime change at season's end. Peavey doesn't care much about that. They tell him that the program is fragile and that its current 3-4 record is reason for serious concern. He cares even less about that.
"It always gets brought up," Peavy said.

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If Arkansas goes 3-9 this season, so be it. If no member of the current coaching staff is there when Peavey sets foot on campus for his first day of practice, that's fine too. The solidary of his commitment is hard for him to describe. In essence, he plans to follow blindly.
"I committed to the state," Peavey said. "I'm just going to stay solid. When I committed … I mean, I love the coaches and everything but I also love the facilities, the fans and everything else. They are going to have the best facilities in college football when the new complex is built. I love the family. Every time I go down there, the fans are just unreal."
Recent offers? There are plenty of those. In the past few months schools such as Kansas State, Washington TCU and Kentucky have extended invitations. Tennessee, Illinois, Vanderbilt and Iowa are in the evaluation process. Then, there's this:
"Alabama says they will offer me once they see me in person down there on campus, but I don't know if we're going to make a trip down there or not," Peavey said. "They want to see me in person. There are like 12 other schools that are waiting for my recent game film."
Fifteen scholarship offers and, still, Peavey's commitment remains steadfast. The dedication is uncanny. That doesn't mean the calls and letters will stop rolling in, though.
"When I committed, I thought everyone was going to lay off but it's actually been the exact opposite," Peavey said. "A bunch of schools have jumped on.
"I'm just sticking with Arkansas."
The only visit on his current agenda is this weekend's trip Little Rock, where he'll watch Arkansas play Ole Miss in a neutral-site game at War Memorial Stadium.
The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Peavey has led his Bolivar (Mo.) High School squad to a 7-2 record so far this season.