Pavlenko up to four offers

Adam Pavlenko is seeing offers slowly trickle in and since the Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos De Niza inside linebacker doesn't plan to make his commitment for a few more months he's anticipating which programs might offer next.
Air Force and Iowa State had offered and now Navy and Utah State are on the list for Pavlenko, a 6-foot, 200-pound prospect who finished with 133 tackles in his junior season.
"It's going pretty good," Pavlenko said. "There have been a lot of schools talking to me all the time so it's slowly that they're offering me more and more.
"I don't really know yet about any favorites. It's all pretty equal right now. I just want to see who has the better program and I really want to know what the coaches are like before I make my decision."
Since so many other teams are getting involved, Pavlenko said he's going to slow down his decision-making process and probably not commit until right before his senior season starts.
Wyoming, Boise State, West Virginia, Washington, Washington State, UNLV and Northern Arizona are a sampling of schools that have reached out to the Arizona linebacker in recent weeks.
More offers could definitely be on the way.
"I'm just going to wait around until the middle of summer and see what kind of offers I have and go out and visit about three of them and then I want to commit about a week before the season starts," Pavlenko said.
"That's what I plan on doing."