Patti enjoys Boise State

Earlier this week, Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips pro-style quarterback Nick Patti hit the road to check out Boise State. He talked about his time on campus with the Broncos.
"We got there on Tuesday morning," Patti said. "We went right over to the complex. It is a pretty unique place. Obviously Boise, Idaho is a different kind of place in the country and the school is different as well. The coaches, they were really, really good guys and great to deal with. They care about putting a great football program on the field but they also emphasize forming kids and making them the best people they can be as well."
For the 5-foot-11, 190-pound quarterback, the most impressive thing he learned about the Boise State program during his visit was the make-up of the coaching staff.

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"I had been told it, but the coaching staff there is really great guys and they really do care a lot about the kids there," Patti said. "They are all about the program. It is amazing the amount of effort that they put into it. That is one thing that I noticed even in my short time there. You get that feeling, and it isn't a fake feeling, that they are genuine guys."
During the visit, Patti landed an offer from Boise State. He said that the staff believes he shares a lot of similarities with one of their current signal-callers.
"They compared me a lot to Kellen Moore that has started there," Patti said. "They said I was a lot like him but that I also brought an element of running that they want to be able to do a little bit more. They told me that they like me a lot in that regard."
At the conclusion of the visit, Patti said the thought of committing to Boise State was a possibility.
"It definitely ran through my mind," Patti said. "But I wanted to get away from it and get back home. I kind of wanted to get out of that atmosphere and the whole deal. I wanted to talk to my parents about it and my whole family about it. But it did cross my mind."
Patti, who also holds offers from Central Florida, Indiana, Louisiana Tech, and South Florida, has yet to have those conversations with his family.
"Not yet," Patti said. "I got in late last night. We will probably do it shortly and see where I am at. I want to make my decision whenever it feels right. I am not necessarily waiting on anything."
Up next for Patti is plans to focus on spring football along with his Dr. Phillips teammates. Dr. Phillips will face Cocoa (Fla.) in their spring game in late May.