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Patterson talks about picking OU

Chicago Hubbard five-star linebacker Chris Patterson has just returned from the University of Oklahoma, and Patterson talks about his verbal commitment to the Sooners that he made on Friday afternoon.
"I'm really happy that I'm heading to play for Oklahoma," said Patterson. "I really was set on Oklahoma early on, and I wanted my family to see the school for themselves before I committed.
“All along I wanted to get the recruiting stuff out of the way before the season started, because I didn't want to be bothered by all the attention during the season. I didn't want to deal with a lot of other coaches and schools when I knew where I wanted to go.
"I pretty much knew in my mind after the Oklahoma camp earlier this summer that OU was the place for me. I really enjoyed being around the program as well as the coaches, and I could see myself going to school and being a part of the football tradition in Norman. Everything just seemed right at Oklahoma, from the academic support to the coaches and the players to the football crazy people in that town. It was a very easy decision for me to make."
Patterson made the 12 hour one-way commute from the west side of Chicago to Norman, Okla., with his mother and a few close friends.
"It was really a trip for my mom, because I talked so much about Oklahoma and about how great it was at OU,” he said. “My mom was able to see for herself where I wanted to go to school, and she agreed with what I was telling her. She said that Norman was just beautiful, and my whole family is behind me and my decision."
Patterson added that "from a recruiting standpoint, everything seemed right.”
“OU has some great linebackers that will be graduating after this season, so from a depth chart standpoint,” he said
“I feel that I can have a chance to contribute early. I also like the other kids that have already committed, including the top quarterback in Texas (Rhett Bomar) as well as a top running back from Oklahoma (D.J. Wolfe). I'm going to help Oklahoma in any way that I can to help bring in the best recruiting class in the nation."
So what has been the reaction to Chris Patterson giving a verbal to Oklahoma?
"My coach went to school in Oklahoma (Langston) so he knew a lot about Oklahoma football and he was a great source for information,” he said. “I also talked to Akim (Millington) and Mo (Dampeer) and they both were very happy about their decisions."
So was Patterson considering any other school besides the Sooners?
"Naw,” he said. “Once I saw Oklahoma up close, I was sold. Before I saw the campus I was thinking about a few other schools, but once I was there I knew that Oklahoma was where I belonged. I'm a solid commit for Oklahoma."
Now that his decision is complete, what will Patterson now focus on?
"I have some work to do in the classroom this year, but I'm not even worried about that, I know that I'm going to bust my butt and that I'm going to qualify," he said. "Now it's time for me to get ready for this upcoming season. I think we have a chance to make history at Hubbard this year, and we’re going to be ready."