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Patterson taking his time

Petal (Miss.) Rivals100 offensive guard Javon Patterson has a top five or Ole Miss, Auburn, Mississippi State, Alabama, and Florida with Ole Miss and Auburn at the top of his list.
The order has remained the same since he released his top five and it continues to remain the same. In fact, he does not plan to change anything in the near future.
"I'm not going to slim it down any further," Patterson said. "It's just on decision day there will only be three hats on the table."
Decision day will be in November, and when it comes to narrowing his list, it really boils down to one simple thing.
"It's about how I feel because outside of the football aspect you have school and the campus around," Patterson said. "The coaches may or may not be there for the longest it all depends."
As for his top two programs, again he keeps it simple.
"Just comfort level," Patterson said. "The way I feel about their program and their campus."
Each and every school in his top five has done a great job of keeping in touch. In fact, all of them keep in close contact. However, there are three coaches who have established particularly strong relationships with Patterson.
"Coach Grimes, coach Luke, and coach Hughes from Mississippi State I've gotten real close with them in the last four years," Patterson said.
He does not have any other visits plans on the schedule right now, but he does plans to take official visits and attend games in the fall.
On Friday, he was at Mississippi State's Big Dawg Camp and right now he is in the process of figuring out when and where he will go next. He does not have any visits scheduled, but he has not counted out any further visits
"Not any planned right now," Patterson said. "I'm just trying to get the season going. The season is coming up in about two or three weeks. I'm just getting better with my team and getting team stuff done."
Patterson plans to enroll in his school of choice in January. He is currently ranked No. 88 in the Rivals100 and the nation's No. 4 offensive guard.