Patterson taking another visit to OU

Chicago Hubbard linebacker Chris Patterson is wrapping up his team summer camp this week, and this five-star linebacker will be making a return engagement to Norman, Okla., shortly with a very special guest.
"Next Thursday I'm going back to Oklahoma to make an unofficial visit, and I'm taking my mom along with me this time,” Patterson said. “I want my mom to see the campus and to see Norman for herself. It's important to me that my family is involved in this process and for my mom to see some of the schools that I'm considering. I've have always trusted her instincts and her opinions."
Besides taking his Mom along for a return trip to Norman - Patterson camped earlier this summer at OU – he has also begun to give some serious thought towards making his college choice.
"Now that our team camp is ending this week, I have a few weeks to give recruiting some thought," he said.
So what are some of the factors that will help Patterson make his final college choice?
"First of all, I'm watching each school's overall recruiting class,” he said. “I want to go where the college is going to attract a great incoming class, so I guess you can say I've become more and more interested in recruiting nationally. Also the team's overall roster depth at linebacker is important. I want to go to a program with prestige and I feel will make me a better player and a program that can help me reach my goal, which is to someday have a chance to play in the NFL."
While living his entire life in the City of Chicago, Patterson reflected on how very different his surroundings and life could be shortly.
"I realize that my life could be very different a year from now, but I also feel that I'm ready for that experience,” he said. “Distance for me isn't a factor at all, but I also realize that college life and being away from home will be a different atmosphere."
Patterson said "nothing has really changed at all in my top schools list.”
“Oklahoma is still my top school, and I'm also still giving a lot of thought to Miami, USC and Kansas State and a few other schools as well,” he said. “I'm not going to make any decisions until I'm 100 percent certain, and whenever I'm 100 percent certain on a school, I'll make my decision then."
So is Patterson excited about the upcoming 2003 season?
"I wish I had a fast-forward button for my life, so that I could just fast-forward to the end of August. I can't wait to get going," Patterson said
Patterson, who will be a rare four year varsity starter in 2003, talked about the Greyhounds chances this season.
"I'm interested to see how our defense does this year,” he said. “We have a lot of speed, and this team could be the fastest defense I've played on since I've been at Hubbard. Overall I think we are looking pretty strong."