Patience paying off for Rivals100 RB


Some running backs are always looking to take the ball to the house on every single play but still somehow miss the big picture. They often can’t see the forest for all of the trees. But that’s not the case with Rivals100 candidates Micah Andrews of Atlanta Greater Atlanta Christian.
Andrews, who is 6-foot and 185 pounds, has a better plan for success.
“I take things 10 yards at a time,” Andrews said. “Some guys just try to score a touchdown on every play and end up making a big mistake or doing something wrong because they’re trying too much. I know that to be a good running back that sometimes you have to be patient.”
And Andrews’ patience has paid off.
Andrews was named a Class 2A all-state selection as a junior after rushing for 1,784 yards and 28 touchdowns. He is the son of former Auburn and Atlanta Falcon running back William Andrews and is one of the Southeast’s top recruits.
“Sometimes it’s real easy to get obsessed with something and sometimes it doesn’t happen,” Andrews said. “I’m that way with running the ball. If I set my mind to scoring on every play then I’m going to get obsessed with it and screw it up. I’m going to take what you give me. If you give me a lane for 10 yards then I’m going to take it every time.”
He’s also working his way – 10-yards at a time – toward a college destination.
With some impressive early offers from Tulane, LSU, Vanderbilt, Louisville and a few others, Andrews said two teams that are actively recruiting him are starting to make a run toward his commitment.
“I’m starting to really like Ole Miss and Georgia,” Andrews said.
“I really like Ole Miss because they run the same offense that we have, and I might get to play with (Eli) Manning if he’s still there. I’m not leaning toward Georgia, but it’s the home-state school and it would be great to represent the state and play for them. I think I’d be a good fit up there.”
But he’s not rushing into a decision quite yet. He said he’s heading off this upcoming week to camp at Furman with teammates and then will be flying to LSU for the Tigers senior camp shortly after that.
However, Andrews said like many other recruits that he’d like to have a decision made by the time his senior season starts.
“That way I can focus on the season and forget about all of the calls and distractions,” he said. “I could focus on the season at hand and help my team get to state.”
When it comes time to make a decision, a school’s sports medicine program will be key. You see, Andrews wants to remain around sports throughout his life and working toward a degree in sports medicine would allow him to be a trainer and around sports all the time.
“It all goes back to the big picture,” Andrews said. “I know that doing something like that will take time and patience.”
Don’t worry, though, that’s one thing he definitely has.